Super Phantom Cat - a Flashy Redesigned Classic

February 13, 2019
Super Phantom Cat - a Flashy Redesigned Classic
Image source: Play Store

Super Phantom Cat is a platformer with a mix of modern design and 16-bit classics it was developed by Veewo and is available on Android and iOS. The game follows the story of Ari (Chemist White) on his path to collect data to become the Super Phantom Cat.


Image source: Super Phantom Cat offical Facebook page

As mentioned it combines 16 bit and modern. This isn’t everyone's cup of tea and that is okay. Personally, I like the design. Each world has a great color palette and they’re not hard on the eyes, even though they are quite bright for most worlds. Ari and all costumes are nicely designed and are rather cute.


Image source: Play Store

There aren’t a lot of platformers on mobile and even less that are original and good, so it’s a plus right off the bat.

Gameplay is simple, as it should be, on the left side of the screen you have buttons to move left or right, on the right you have jump and power up buttons. You can change their position on the screen to fit you better.

The game starts off with Ari (you) falling into a hole and getting chased by monsters. They corner you, but the Phantom Cat shows up and saves you. He carries you away to safety and gives you a lightning bolt.

Quickly you meet Flash who promises to help you become a Super Phantom Cat. From this point on he shows up from time to time to teach you game mechanics and before something happens in-game.

The game feels a lot like the game about our favorite Italian plumber, which isn’t necessarily bad. It’s, for the most part, a standard platformer, run right until you get to the end of the level, jump on enemies heads to kill them and don’t fall into bottomless pits.

Image source: Play Store

You can also pick up power-ups that let you shoot, ground pound or teleport short distances. The levels are designed around these power-ups (called sprites) and they make life a lot easier in many situations.

In case that a level is proving too difficult for you, the game offers you to play as Alpha (the Phantom Cat that saved you). Alpha has some unique abilities that make it impossible to fail a level. If he walks through an enemy he kills it, falling off the screen puts him in a bubble that brings you back to where you fell from and he can’t be damaged by traps.

You can’t permanently unlock Alpha, but there are a lot more characters you can. Many of them have unique powers or modifiers to levels.

Level design

Image source: Super Phantom Cat offical Facebook page

As mentioned, levels are designed around the power-up that you will have available on them. This also means that there are some levels that can’t be passed unless you have the sprite, it’s really up to you if you consider that lazy design or not. I personally have nothing against it and think that it allows more unique levels.

Levels are littered with hidden areas that have coins and stars in them. For the most part, they’re not hard to get to, but you need to keep your eyes open because some are behind fake walls or you need to jump off of an enemy to reach them.



You might have noticed that the game asks for some unusual permissions, specifically phone and contacts. Contacts are due to the fact that the game was built before Marshmallow came, so it needs that permission to access Google Play Games. Phone, no idea honestly, might be an oversight or something else involving the pre-Marshmallow system.

To the relief of everyone, microtransactions are very limited and very cheap. They cost around a buck-fifty and are fair. You can buy another set of worlds, unlimited energy for 20 minutes (which you don’t really need unless you constantly throw yourself into death on purpose), all of the characters and to unlock currently locked worlds.

Making all of that even better is that if you log in 4 days in a row, the ads get disabled. Which might not even be something you want. Most of the time you’re asked if you want to see an in exchange for extra coins.


Super Phantom Cat is a classic game with a modern design. It’s pretty, plays well, it’s fun and has its quirky moments. It doesn’t have any overpriced microtransactions, you don’t even need them, and after 5 days you don’t have to worry about ads.

The only things I could say against it are that at times it feels like it borrows too much from classic games like Mario and that there are some typos in-game (yes, I know that that is extreme nitpicking, I had to add something against it).

Available on both Android and iOS, it’s a strong 9/10.

When you’re done with it, there’s Super Phantom Cat 2 waiting for you and since you’re done with this review, there are more waiting for you at GameBuz, your go-to mobile games news site.