Super Fowlst - Flappy Bird Meets Bullet Hell Mayhem

January 31, 2019
Super Fowlst - Flappy Bird Meets Bullet Hell Mayhem
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Imagine good ol’ Flappy Bird but with demons and bullets flying everywhere. Well, that’s the fastest way to explain what Super Fowlst is but its so much more. It’s a procedurally generated bullet hell/metroidvania. The game is surprisingly well made for a mobile title.

With gorgeous pixel art style, a great soundtrack and smooth gameplay it’s super fun and one of the most addictive mobile games I’ve played recently. I also love how the monetization is executed with no ads being shoved down your throat but more on that later. For now, let’s start with the thing I usually start these reviews with and that's…


Super Fowlst is mainly an arcade game but it has a bit of story. The plot is actually pretty ridiculous and that’s one of the reasons I love it. The world is being overrun by demons of all shapes and sizes. The only one who can save us is the mighty Fowlst, a chicken. But don’t be fooled by his fluffy feathers, this little guy is a renegade. It’s so awesome.


So as I said, this is kinda like Flappy Bird only not as frustrating and ten times more fun. Like with Flappy Bird you tap to flap except here you can touch the ground and fly in all directions. The controls are pretty simple, you tap on the left and right side of the screen for movement and swipe up to use collectible special moves.

You slice up enemies just by moving through them and they’ll drop coins for you to collect, some drop the aforementioned special moves. Now, these bad boys are usually powerful offensive moves but some will restore your health too. So what do you do with coins? - I hear you asking. Well, my dudes, you can upgrade your character and even get a new one. There are 20 unlockable characters for you to choose from.

As for the upgrades, they’re your usual arcadey things. You can upgrade your health, shoot eggs and rockets from your butt, and get yourself a magnet to pick up those coins more easily. Yes, I know, it’s super silly but that’s part of its charm.

Okay, let’s talk a little about the levels. As you slash your way through the demon hordes you’ll notice a bunch of boxes throughout the levels. These contain coins and the special moves or special attacks or whatever you wanna call them.

The red boxes will explode some time after getting hit. Don’t worry though, the blast will damage only enemies while you’ll just get knocked back. If you time it well and position yourself well you can even launch yourself at some demons. Killing multiple enemies in quick succession will give you extra points.
There are also some pretty cool boss battles and you don’t see that in many mobile games. I’ve only encountered the first boss so far. Like with most boss battles in these games the boss has certain attack patterns so watch, learn, and then make your move.


This really was a huge surprise for me. You don’t often see mobile games with this much heart and soul put in. I can’t stress enough how pretty this game is and how well executed everything is. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Super Fowlst has ads with some incentive which is the best kind of ads you can get honestly.

They don’t ruin or slow down the gameplay pace and you get some coins for watching one. So props to Thomas K Young/CatCup Games (the developer), you have my respect, sir/s. With all of this in mind, Super Fowlst gets a 10/10 this one will be staying on my phone for a while. It's out on both Android and iOS. As always guys, for more reviews, articles and other mobile game goodness stay with your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.