Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Leaked on Twitter

May 17, 2019
Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Leaked on Twitter

It’s almost June and that means it’s almost time we extend our already long backlog of games even more. Obviously, I’m talking about the Steam Summer Sale.

Since it’s an annual thing, it’s no surprise the date got leaked, but as it goes with every leak, take it with a grain of salt.

On Twitter, Steam Database shared the information from a Chinese Steam community page that they claim has been confirmed by “multiple sources”. The info is that the sale will begin June 25, 10 AM PST and will last for two weeks.

Past sales have begun around the same time, so it is believable. Something that might make the sale more interesting is the Epic Games Store “Megasale”. Epic Games is spicing up their sale by offering a $10 voucher to all users who enable two-factor authentication for their accounts.

What do you think, will Valve spice up the summer sale in their own way?