Square Enix Announces NieR:Automata Novel for Fall 2020

November 18, 2019
Square Enix Announces NieR:Automata Novel for Fall 2020

Square Enix revealed six new titles in its English-language manga, novels and art book line-up for 2020 and NieR:Automata is one of them.

The titles, releasing Fall 2020, will be published by the company’s new Square Enix Manga & Books imprints and include a brand new novel, NieR:Automata YoRHa Boys, along with a selection of manga, including The Apothecary Diaries, Ragna Crimson, The Great Jahy will not be Defeated!, Beauty and the Feast and By the Grace of the Gods.

NieR:Automata YoRHa Boys, written by Jun Eishima and supervised by NieR:Automata Director Yoko Taro, takes place before the beginning of the award-winning game and focuses on the story of YoRHa Experimental Unit M, a squadron composed of YoRHa male type models established for the purpose of collecting a full range of behavioural data. The novel also includes artwork by famed Final Fantasy illustrator, Toshiyuki Itahana.

Additionally, the following previously announced titles received official release dates:

A Man and His Cat, Volume 1 – February 11, 2020
Hi Score Girl, Volume 1 – February 25, 2020
Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, Volume 1 – May 12, 2020
Soul Eater: The Perfect Edition, Volume 1 – May 26, 2020
Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future (Novel) – June 23, 2020

And a few more you can check out on their website.

Are you excited for the NieR:Automata manga?