‘Spitter' DLC For Tropico 6 is Available Now

April 23, 2020
‘Spitter' DLC For Tropico 6 is Available Now
Screenshot from the trailer

Kalypso Media announced the launch of Tropico 6's second DLC 'Spitter' today, with the US PlayStation Store version to follow a day later on April 24.

Continuing the series' penchant for dark humor and city building, Spitter DLC sees Tropico leader El Prez pursuing online infamy in the ever-changing world of social media.

Spitter DLC adds a new fame feature to Tropico 6. Using Spitter, the only social media app approved for use in Tropico, players can make a name for themselves through interactions with faction leaders, courtships with influencers, and connections with celebrities.

They can also build new attractions such as the Rehab Centre and Beauty Farm to ensure that citizens and visitors have everything that they need right at their doorstep.