Spicy Piggy - The Dark Souls of Mobile Platformers

February 25, 2019
Spicy Piggy - The Dark Souls of Mobile Platformers
Image source: Google Play store

The developer Nitrome is really running on all cylinders this year. Last month we had Nano Golf which was a great golf puzzler type of deal. And this month we have a game called Spicy Piggy. Now, unlike Nano Golf, this game isn’t for everyone. Spicy Piggy is a fast-paced action platformer, and let me tell you it ain't no walk in the park.

If you’re a fan of games like Dark Souls that just constantly beat you over the face with a bag of bricks, then you’ll probably like this one. The game is pretty challenging without it feeling broken which is super important for games like this. So let’s go ahead and see what makes Spicy Piggy such a good addition to the action platformer genre.

The Gameplay

So you’ll be playing as this tiny red pig, and you’ll be running, jumping, and sliding through various levels and collecting chili peppers. Your goal is to reach the end of each level and hopefully get all three stars. It’s an Angry Birds type of situation where you have to get a certain number of stars to unlock the next set of levels.

Each level has three objectives and you get a star for completing each one. The first star is for just making it to the end. The second one is for completing the level within a certain time limit. And the third one is awarded for collecting all the chili peppers.

The controls are super simple, you only have three on-screen buttons. A jump button in the lower right corner and a slide and fire button in the lower left. And don’t worry about movement, our spicy piglet does that on his own. You’ll have to master all three of these moves and combine them together if you plan on getting all three of those stars.

A little pointer for you guys to get you started. As you’ll see if you pick this game up, sliding is faster than running. But you can also extend your jump by sliding and then jumping. I also wanna point out that when you slide, I’m pretty sure the pig farts fire to propel himself forward. I just think it’s kinda funny (yes, I’m 9 years old).

The levels are very well designed, so much so that they’ll have you screaming at your phone like a maniac. They’re littered with all kinds of traps and enemies (that’s what the fire button is for) and they will really test your skills. And remember, enemies don’t have to be killed. You can just jump over them if that’s easier for you since they won’t impact your score in any way.


Image source: Google Play store

Spicy Piggy is a great addition to anyone’s game library, provided you like a challenge, of course. With a great pixel art style that Nitrome is kinda known for, hectic, fast-paced gameplay, and a pretty nice soundtrack, Spicy Piggy is definitely worth checking out. It’s out on both Android and iOS, and it’s free. And as usual guys, for more reviews like this one and more mobile game goodness, in general, stay tuned to your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.