South Park: Phone Destroyer - Kenny Is Not the Only One Who Dies

January 29, 2019
South Park: Phone Destroyer - Kenny Is Not the Only One Who Dies
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Regardless of me trying my best, I have a problem keeping my phone in one piece. If I take into account the name of this game, it will only contribute to further destruction of my phone. Thankfully, I’m not going to use my personal phone as I am trying this game at GameBuz, mobile games news site, but that just means I’ll have to be extra careful.

I’m not really a fan of collectible card games but I am (or maybe I should say I was) a big fan of South Park. The dark humor characteristic for this franchise is exactly what I need to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day.

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South Park: Phone Destroyer is yet another game published by Ubisoft, only this time the nasty kids with no boundaries are infiltrating your phones.

The game starts with an argument about what game should kids of South Park play. Cartman barges in dressed as a sheriff and decides they should play Cowboys and Indians. Since you are the New Kid and a master of your phone, you don’t really have an option but to help the Cowboys.

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First, you get to customize your character, from the color of your hair and facial expressions to your clothes. Whatever you choose will not affect your abilities in any way.

Throughout the gameplay, there are different episodes with a couple of stages, with a storyline that is pretty entertaining. You’ll get to beat up all the kids in costumes that come your way in a side-scrolling stage until you get to mighty Stan of Many Moons and see what iconic character will he summon in the end.

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When the battle starts, you get to summon various characters by using energy which restores over time to activate cards from your pack. There are five categories of cards: tank, ranged, assassin, fighter, and spell. Some characters have special abilities you can activate when charged.

Although this is a strategic game, I didn’t really felt like I needed to use any strategy to win. Basically, all you have to do is summon as many characters on the battlefield and you will literally run over everyone.

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As you progress in the game it will get a lot harder to win the battle, and I mean A LOT. The opponents will get much stronger and you will have to replay the stages from the beginning in order to upgrade your characters’ power.

Since every character needs certain items to be upgraded, you will also have to visit PvP maestro Don King Buttons and play a lot of PvP battles (that will also be needed for unlocking new stages). When you win the battle, you get to pick 3 lockers out of 10 and win some money, items, or even characters.

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You will also get some free packs from the shop, but regardless, you will need some serious grinding to surpass bosses that quickly become too powerful for you.

The highlight of South Park: Phone Destroyer has to be the voice acting. It matches the series perfectly, and the way conversations are done through group chat is just hilarious. Randy popping up here and there in the chat and showing off his ways of cross-dressing, being needy as usual, just proves what a laughing stock he is. He really has a talent of making me cry laughing and cringing at the same time.

Image source: South Park Phone Destroyer

Another thing that I appreciated in this game is the portrayal of different characters. The way the cards are designed to represent various cultural and historical references, like cowboys, pirates, wizards, cyborgs, and aliens, is amazing. What’s more hilarious, when you play that amazing looking card, what appears instead is just a variation of a cheap cosplay.

Whether you are a fan of South Park or not, this game is surely going to make you laugh. If I have to rate it, let’s say it’s 7/10, purely because it gets too hard too quickly and you have to repeatedly play the same levels over again. Oh, one more thing, I just can’t believe I made it through to the end of this review without using bad language once. I’ll make sure to pat myself on the back for this one, it was not easy, at all.