Sony Unveils PlayStation 5 Logo and PSVR Sales Milestone

January 8, 2020
Sony Unveils PlayStation 5 Logo and PSVR Sales Milestone

CES 2020 is under way, if you hoped to see the PS5 you were disappointed, but at least we got to see the logo and got sales numbers for the PSVR.

When it comes to the logo, it’s the same. Nothing special happened, the font is the same as it was for the PlayStation 4, there’s just a different number at the end. It’s not surprising considering that Sony has kept it simple over the generations, unlike Microsoft.

Sony spoke about the PlayStation VR set and since its launch in October 2016 more than 5 million headsets were sold. Besides the PSVR, the PS4 sold 104 million units making it the second best-selling console, behind the PS2 which sold 158 million units. With that big of a difference, the PS4 probably won’t make it to first place before the PS5 launches.

When it comes to the details about the PlayStation 5 itself, nothing new really. Over the past few months we found out about some of the specs, 8K support, ray-tracing, SSD, AMD based CPU and GPU, but we still have no idea what it actually looks like. On the other hand, Microsoft proudly unveiled the Xbox Series X.

We also got some information on the DualShock 5 in the past months. The new controller will have haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that have adjustable resistance when pressed.

We can expect more details in the next few months before the PlayStation 5 launches Holiday season 2020.