Sony Considering Acquisitions of More Game Dev Studio

July 2, 2019
Sony Considering Acquisitions of More Game Dev Studio

Google joining the gaming industry with Stadia shook things around and Sony is considering their options for staying on top of the game.

The Nikkei, the world's largest financial newspaper, has published parts of their interview with Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the report, mergers and acquisitions of additional game development studios are in the talks.

The stated reason behind this is Google entering the industry with their own platform. With so many platforms emerging the key to staying relevant is content.

Ryan welcomes everyone who tried to join the industry, but also reminds that Sony has been there for 25 years and that they have a lot to bring to the table. Anyone new to the industry will have a hard time keeping up with the sheer number of studios and exclusives.

Besides feeling confident in what they have to offer, he mentioned that Sony is continuing the console business since cloud gaming still has a long road ahead of itself before it becomes truly impactful.