Small Improvements That Should Be Added to Apex Legends

April 26, 2019
Small Improvements That Should Be Added to Apex Legends
Image source: EA website

Apex Legends has been out for almost three months now and we’ve already seen the game go through some changes. Respawn already added a few quality of life changes and more recently buffed Caustic and Gibraltar along with tweaking some weapons. You can check out the update notes here.

So this got me thinking and I had a conversation with my friends about what else could be improved. And after a bit of brainstorming we came up with a couple of things Respawn could add to the game. I’m not saying these things have to be added to the game, but it might make the whole experience a bit better in my opinion. So let’s talk about the first thing that could use some changes.


Image source: EA website

To be more specific, I want to talk about the teammates part of the HUD. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see some information about your teammates. Namely, it shows the players username and how much health and shields your teammates have, along with their shield rarity.

This is, of course, very useful information but there should be more in my opinion. To be more specific, players should be able to see what guns their teammates are using. There could be two little slots next to their name or on the little player cards so to speak where silhouettes of the guns could appear when they pick one up. This will instantly let players know what ammo or hop-up their teammates might need.

Another thing that should be shown is what helmet your teammates have. The little player cards in the bottom left corner already show what body shield your teammates have, why not show the helmet too? By adding these things to the HUD players can spend less time looking at the ground, pinging stuff, and more time scanning their surroundings and shooting.

The Respawn Mechanic

Image source: EA website

As I’m sure you all know this by now, Apex Legends has a great mechanic that lets you respawn a dead teammate. All you have to do is go to their death box, pick up their banner, and then take it to a respawn beacon where you can call in an airship which will bring your teammate back into the fight. This is a great mechanic but it could use some tweaks in my opinion, and the first thing I wanna cover is the banner pickup.

In my opinion, you should be able to shoot while picking up a banner. You’re already at a disadvantage with your teammate being dead, and not being able to defend yourself while you pick up his banner puts you at an even greater disadvantage. Now, I’m not a game designer and I’m not sure how this will affect the balance of the game, but I would like to see a change here. At least shorten the banner pickup animation.

The second thing I want to talk about has to do with the respawn itself. When you drop from the aforementioned airship after getting respawned, you have nothing. No shields, no weapons, nothing, and I feel like that should also change. I get that there should be some form of punishment for dying in the game but it’s really annoying when you get mowed down just as you respawn.

So, maybe give players some basic equipment when they respawn. Nothing fancy, just a P2020, some ammo for it, and maybe a white body shield. Again, I’m not a game designer, but it would be nice to have at least something to defend yourself with. Maybe instead of equipment, you could have a fully charged ultimate? Just throwing ideas out there.

Kill Cam and Spectating

Image source: EA website

Probably the most annoying thing about Apex is that you are pretty much forced to look at your own corpse after you die. After being killed the camera just stays there and you have to wait for it to go into spectate mode.

Many games of this nature usually show you a kill cam after you die. Not only does this show you exactly what you did wrong, it also shows you what your enemy did right. And with the cheater problem that Apex has, it’s practically a no-brainer to add a kill cam and a report button.

How do you fix this? Simple, give players an option to either go directly to spectating or view the kill cam first. There should be two button prompts for each option immediately after death in my opinion. Nobody wants to look at their own corpse for like 30 seconds.

In-game Voice Chat

Image source: EA website

And last but not least, I want to talk about the in-game voice chat. I’m not sure if this is just a PS4 thing but the in-game voice chat isn’t that good. It’s kind of garbage actually. I usually play Apex with friends and we use the party chat on the PS4, but the in-game voice chat is one of the reasons I don’t play with randoms. So Respawn, if you guys are reading this please fix the voice chat.

And that’s about it, people. Those are all the improvements I would like to see in the future. If you guys disagree with me or have a better solution for some of the things I listed, feel free to leave a comment down below. Also, a huge shoutout to my friends Dan and Dusty who helped me with this article, you dudes are the best.

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