Shooter Games for Your Phone: 5 Games with the Most Players

February 6, 2019
Shooter Games for Your Phone: 5 Games with the Most Players

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm and it evolves more with each passing day. Game developers realized that they have to reach across multiple platforms if they want to attract as many players as possible. The smartphone market is pretty much segmented into dominating operating systems so the key is to make phone games that mobile users can play together, regardless of their preferred device.

With that in mind, multiplayer mobile shooter games are the ones that get the most attention and include the most players. Since these games are endless sources of fun for so many players, we at GameBuz decided to round up our top 5 shooter games for your phone that you should keep your eye on for sure. Grab your ammunition and take that rifle, lock n’ load, as it's time to embark on a warpath.


1. Modern Combat Versus

Published by Gameloft, Modern Combat Versus gives you more than gorgeous 3D visuals and Call of Duty-riffing military shooting action. Still, the reason why we included this awesome phone game is that it channels all of its resources into the multiplayer game mode rather than going with solo campaigns. So, that means that this game isn't only single player fun. No, it's entertainment for the whole crew and that's exactly what we're on about here.

A player can choose between two game modes. One gives you limited time to collect data while the other is a bit more exciting as you'll be required to capture enemy territory. With lots of unlocking features and bonuses, a gentle learning curve and fast-paced matches, your fun will never end. It's one of those must-have Android games for sure.


2. Unkilled

The zombie apocalypse is a never-ending source of fun and an abundant source of shooting action. So, when it rears its decomposing and quite ugly head, you have two options: take the fight and kill them all or run for your life. Since the latter isn't even an option, it's time to take things into your hands and take care of that reanimated horde.

If you want to get something done, you better do it yourself. Well, this time, you can also include all your friends as well because Unkilled offers a lot more than just Unity-powered and sophisticated visuals.

Shoot anything that moves is the only logic while enjoying that quite accessible gameplay. Take on lean and faced-paced missions that are an ideal fit for mobile gaming. When you want to play a mobile game with your friends, Unkilled is your best multiplayer option.


3. Into The Dead 2

Image source: Google Play store

To continue with zombies, Into The Dead 2 is the best example of how a sequel should be done. It improves everything about the original while building on its framework in the best possible way, adding a fresh touch to the gameplay. All who played the original are well-aware of how addictive this zombie shooter and runner can be so you'll be pleased to know that Into The Dead 2 is so much more.

Now, there's an engaging story behind a fully-fledged campaign mode. When you add multiple endings and tons of weapons to upgrade and wield to the whole mix, it's safe to say that this is one of the best mobile games around with added replay value.

On the other hand, those who prefer simple run and shoot action while running around an endless zombie apocalypse can do that by picking daily events and challenges. Let the running begin.


4. Deus Ex: The Fall

At GameBuz, we like to save the best for the end. Do you remember that amazing Blade Runner movie? Well, if you do, welcome to the noiresque, post-apocalyptic and futuristic world of Blade Runner. You'll be required to explore and fight with or against your comrades in never-ending shooting action while playing hide and seek.

The first thing that you’ll notice while playing this multiplayer shooter and one of the best RPG mobile games, is the sophistication of the details. Then, you have that dystopian cocktail of stealth and role-playing mixed along with tons of shooting action. When it comes to the best mobile phone games that include shooting, role-playing, and multiplayer action, it doesn't get any better than Deus Ex: The Fall.


5. Shadowgun Legends

If we could define shooter phone games that include many players with only one phone game title that would probably be Shadowgun Legends, without any doubt. Not only that this mobile game raised the bar for the entire genre but it literally changed the game and set the standard for the future. It's a first-person shooter with the most amazing co-op and online multiplayer modes.

Tons of alien-slaying mercenaries, the most amazing sci-fi backdrop - every player will be able to enjoy this graphical powerhouse of a game. Shadowgun Legends offer a console-quality gaming experience to say at least but it's the explosive and fast-paced multiplayer action that will take your breath away.

It's truly one of the best mobile games on the planet and a true marvel when it comes to the best RPG mobile games.


While there are many awesome multiplayer mobile shooter games out there, GameBuz made the effort to bring you only the best and the hottest.