Shadows of Kepler Patch 1.0 and Demo Now Available on Steam

October 28, 2019
Shadows of Kepler Patch 1.0 and Demo Now Available on Steam

Shadow of Kepler the critically acclaimed indie FPS game created by Infinite Hole has released Patch 1.0 for the demo which is also now available on Steam.

Take the place of Sargent Cooper and let him make the right choices in this terrifying journey. Don't let the planet Kepler kills all the human hopes.

Shadows of Kepler is a Sci-Fi Horror Survival game that contains RPG elements which brings a unique game style of an FPS game.

The game also including butterfly effects, so that means, if you choose one option, the game puts you in one specific direction. All these are very unconscious for the player but changes the path of the story.

After a great catastrophe on Earth, Sargent Cooper wakes up on the spaceship, and everything is fine until he finds a new planet, Kepler.

Kepler is a very dangerous place, so you will have to discover how to survive in this unique environment. The story and gameplay are connected with charismatic characters that will be helping you survive on Kepler.

Good luck on a foreign planet full of hostile creatures.