Shadow Fencer Theatre Launches for Xbox One and PC on June 26

May 28, 2019
Shadow Fencer Theatre Launches for Xbox One and PC on June 26

Shadow Fencer Theatre, the premiere title from indie game studio ShuddaHaddaLottaFun, will release for Xbox One and Steam (PC and Mac) on June 26, 2019.

Shadow Fencer Theatre is the competitive awkward physics sword fighting game set in the world of shadow puppets. Inspired by one of the oldest forms of storytelling, this game delivers hand-crafted characters and sets paired with original music, bringing shadow puppets back to the mainstage.

Take center stage with a unique cast of characters and make your way to becoming the Grandmaster of the theatre. Perform solo or battle a friend in a veritable variety show of game modes and skits. Whether you are a one-puppet show or sharing the stage, above all else, show the world you are the best performer on the shadowy screen.


The game will feature 16 different characters, 8 scenes and four game modes,

• Story - Find out what it takes to keep a last-of-its-kind shadow puppet theatre in business.
• Marathon - Survive the gauntlet and become the Grandmaster.
• Improv – Quick play by yourself or with a friend, selecting the cast, stage and direction of the shadowy fight. Direct the Improv fights with a selection of gameplay variations, limits and more.
• Skits - a proverbial vaudeville of mini-games set to delight and distract.

Shadow Fencer Theatre was selected by Indie Playground for their Dreamhack Dallas showcase and Game Pitch Championship. So if you would like to visit the developers or demo the game you will be able to do so at Dreamhack Dallas.