RuneQuest Is Coming in Video Game Format Courtesy of Black Shamrock

March 11, 2019
RuneQuest Is Coming in Video Game Format Courtesy of Black Shamrock

Chaosium Inc. and Dublin-based developer Black Shamrock are partnering up to bring RuneQuest to the video game world as an RPG adventure. The game is supposedly coming to both PC and consoles.

RuneQuest’s legendary setting of Glorantha is a vibrant world and it has provided the setting for generations of gamemasters. Now, it will be the basis for Black Shamrock’s new RPG adventure. Not much is known about the game except that it will be set in the world of Glorantha and that it will be available on both PC and consoles. However, we do have statements from personnel of both companies.

Olivier Masclef, Black Shamrock’s Managing Director says: “We’re so excited to be working on such a legendary fantasy role-playing world and take very seriously the trust that Chaosium has placed with us. As up-and-coming RPG specialists, the opportunity to bring the world of Glorantha to life is a dream come true.”

Jeff Richard, Creative Director of Chaosium says: "We cannot be more excited than to be working together with Black Shamrock to bring the fantastic setting of Glorantha to life as a video game. With its vibrant characters and incredible mythology, this is what RuneQuest fans have been waiting for since RPG video games were invented!"