Rune II Free Lazarus Update is Now Available

May 4, 2020
Rune II Free Lazarus Update is Now Available
Screenshot from the trailer

Ragnarok Game has announced the first major update - ‘The Lazarus Update 1.1’ - for Rune II, the Viking-inspired action-adventure game. This free update includes a brand new parry system, overhauled player progression, and hundreds of new weapon variations.

The ‘Lazarus Update 1.1’ breathes new life into Rune II with the addition of villagers. As players progress through the game to rebuild Midgard one piece at a time, villagers will return to the land. Villagers provide narration to the side quests and will grant bonuses to aid players in their quest to vanquish the mad god Loki.

A complete list of the ‘Lazarus Update 1.1’ new features, improvements, and fixes can be viewed in the official patch notes.