Rockstar’s Red Dead Online New Update to Be Released Next Week

February 23, 2019
Rockstar’s Red Dead Online New Update to Be Released Next Week

Red Dead Online Beta is getting its first update on February 26, and it features Free Roam Events, Showdown Modes, new Races, weapons, clothing, and emotes. Until the update launches, players have the chance to play the Red Dead Online Beta to earn 20% more XP on all activities.

Regarding the update, among new Free Roam Events players will get to compete for the Golden Armor in Fool’s Gold, take down the wearer and claim it for themselves. Another event is a Fishing Challenge where players need to catch a fish with the highest weight to win.

Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder are three new Showdown Mods where players get to compete against other players and teams to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from each other and survive. Target Races gets a new variation where players shoot targets from horseback while racing to the finish line.

New weapons will be available in the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue and local Gunsmiths, wide range for further customization of your character will be available in the shops and the Catalogue, and a variety of new Emotes will feature everything from greets to taunts.

PlayStation 4 players will have early access to Open Target Races, Jawbone Knife, a range of new clothing and 3 new Emotes.