REVIEW: Shadowgun War Games - Nice-looking FPS in Need of Improvements

February 23, 2020
REVIEW: Shadowgun War Games - Nice-looking FPS in Need of Improvements

Shadowgun War Games is a mobile multiplayer first-person shooter by Madfinger Games. It’s obvious that Overwatch was a great inspiration for this game, and some could say this could be a mobile version of it. However, Shadowgun War Games, although a really nice-looking and okay FPS, needs improvement in certain aspects, and some features should be added.


When you first begin the game, there is a short tutorial to help you learn the basics - how you move, aim, shoot. It’s pretty simple: by sliding on the left side of the screen you move, and on the right side of the screen, you move the camera. You shoot automatically when you place the aim at your enemy. After the tutorial, you’re ready to play.


For now, there are only 2 modes: Team Deathmatch, which is available from the start, and Capture the Flag, which unlocks when you reach rank 5. When it comes to characters, there are 5 of them at the moment. You have 3 at your disposal from the beginning, and 2 that you get to unlock when you reach a certain rank - you unlock Willow at rank 8, and Jet at rank 12. Each character has 2 different weapons you can use, and 2 different skills.

When you play Team Deathmatch, you get matchmade with 4 more players, and the 5 of you enter the map. There you fight the other team, and the team with more kills wins. Each match is about 6 minutes long. As you run and try to find someone to shoot at, you come across health packs and ammunition you can use. At the end of each match, there is ranking, and the 5 of you rank based on how many times you died and the number of kills you made.


In the Capture the Flag mode, your team’s task is to protect your flag and capture the opposing team’s flag. You need to bring it to your base, and that’s how you win the round. The team that wins more rounds wins the match.

As with each game of this type, there are cosmetics - skins, emotes, and such, you can get for a certain amount of in-game currency or real money. There is also a Battle Pass.



The graphics are really amazing. Everything looks smooth, and the colors are nice. The sound effects are great. Characters are interesting, and each is different in their own way. The gameplay is okay and easy to learn.


Firstly, it would be nice if you could jump, slide, or similar. Then, servers are quite unstable - very often I couldn’t connect to the game, and it kicked me out of matches a few times due to network loss. The controls could be a little improved because they are a bit imprecise, mostly when it comes to aiming.

In addition, there are just 5 characters and only 2 modes, but there are characters and modes marked coming soon so they are probably part of some future updates. Still, it would have been nice if we'd got a little bit more from the start.



It is a solid shooter, and it looks really nice but it kinda feels unfinished. There is a lack of characters and some features that could have made this game a lot more interesting such as the ability to jump or slide. Also, connectivity needs to be improved, as well as the controls. It is a nice start but there is a lot of room for improvement. I give Shadowgun War Games 7/10.