REVIEW: Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos - Beautiful Mobile RPG

November 26, 2019
REVIEW: Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos - Beautiful Mobile RPG

Heroes of Might and Magic is a game of my childhood, especially Heroes of Might and Magic III and V. I’ve spent hours and hours playing these games, and, in my opinion, it is one of the best turn-based strategy RPGs ever made. When I heard that this franchise is getting a mobile version named Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos that is going to be based on Heroes of Might and Magic III, I was hyped. I couldn’t wait to try it out. And I really wasn’t disappointed.


When you first start playing Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, you have an intro that tells you the story. You’ll know it if you played Heroes of Might and Magic III. If you didn’t, here it is in short: the kingdom of Erathia is being ravaged by war and your task is to help Queen Catherine Ironfist restore the peace.

At first, you go through a short tutorial to learn the ropes of the game. You are guided through every single move, and it’s very easy to get the handle of gameplay. You get to know the troops which you have at the beginning - Cavaliers, Marksmen, Monks - and you learn two spells. You can choose your battle formation and plan your tactics. Each battle is 3 minutes long. For each combat, you can receive 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on how long the combat lasted and how many of your units died.


Then, there is this place called Altar where you get to obtain unit tokens in exchange for a certain amount of silver keys, and SR units you get in exchange for a certain amount of diamonds or golden keys, and you need these to upgrade the ranks of your troops.

When you start playing the game, you can only play the PvE story mode. You enter the world where you explore the map and get into battles. You have missions you need to accomplish for each chapter of the map, and there are also side-quests. As you win battles, you earn experience points, resources, gold, diamonds, and similar. You use all of this to upgrade your units and your hero. Moreover, there is also an underground level where there are also chapters and missions for you to accomplish.

As you progress, you will encounter stronger enemies and face all the well-known characters from the franchise. As you level up, you get to deploy more units. Also, you will unlock other game modes. I like this because you get to make your army more powerful and stronger before entering other modes so that you have more of a chance at winning. So there is a particular level you have to reach in order to unlock different modes.


In the campaign PvE mode, which unlocks when you reach level 26, you have a map and you play a match with 15 rounds of combat. With each victory, you get to approach an obelisk, or a chest or some ruins and get a reward such as parts of treasure maps, combat buffs, gems, or Cast Stones. When you finish the 15 rounds, the campaign is over for that day and it needs to be reset. There are contact battles and sieges here, and you lose no energy points in combat. If one or more of units are killed during the campaign, they can’t fight again until the campaign is finished. This is the gist of this mode, and there are detailed rules in the game so you get to find out everything you need to know.

At a place called Colossus you can play PvP mode. This mode unlocks at level 15. There are 3 sub-modes: Arena, Duel of Champions, Duel of Heroes. At first, you get to play Arena mode, and this is the asynchronous PvP. The other two are real-time PvP, and you get unlocked at level 34 and 35.

In the Arena, you get to choose who you want to battle. If you win, you get to climb the ranking list, and you get to choose one of the three cards which uncovers your reward. Even if you lose, you get to pick one card but your rank stays the same. You can enter the Arena 5 times max per day. If you want to visit it more than 5 times, you can do that by using diamonds.


Then, there is a training mode called Training Grounds you get to unlock at level 19. In it, you have 4 sub-modes: basic training, elite training camp, royal training ground, and lord practice ground. There you get to train your troops and learn new skills.

In addition, at a place called Gate that gets unlocked at level 18, there are also 3 single-player sub-modes: Crypt, Dwarven Treasury and Dragon Utopia with each becoming available at a certain level. There you fight to earn experience, gold or tunestones. Then, you get to unlock the guild mode at level 22. There you can join a guild, and team up with other players in order to go on guild adventures and explore the map with your guildmates as well as the guild underground.


Also, you have the Roster, unlocked at level 24, where you can place your units and their power will boost as you upgrade their rooster. And there is the Magic Guild, available at level 28, where you get to improve your magic spells. There is also a marketplace where you can buy whatever you need.

Finally, you have a guidebook where you can see what missions you need to accomplish at what level in order to claim the assigned rewards. There is this privilege system too, which allows you to level up privilege skills, increase resource reward limits or get special buff by finishing daily tasks that bring you privilege points.


I really love this game. It has many features, and it simply makes you want to explore them all. The gameplay is easy to learn, and everything runs smoothly. When it comes to the game’s graphics, they are really beautiful. The game is quite cartoon-like, more precisely anime-like, and it’s really vivid and colorful in a good way. Also, the sound effects are good and fit in with the game.

Now, what’s good is that there are all kinds of rewards you can claim for reaching various milestones - there is literally a reward for any kind of milestone. Finally, there are the infamous in-app microtransactions but, in my opinion, it’s not necessary at all for you to spend your money because many things can be acquired by simply playing the game regularly.


The combat itself could've been a bit more challenging and complex. It is pretty automatic and all you can do is cast spells. You can’t move the units during the battles like in the original game; they act automatically. You just put them in the formation before the combat, and that's it. 



Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is an awesome RPG strategy game. It has amazing graphics, cool sound effects, controls work well, everything loads pretty quickly, and it kind of makes you want to play more in order to unlock stuff and explore everything the game has to offer. And it has to offer a lot. I've tried to cover everything I could but I strongly recommend playing the game and discovering all of its features on your own. I enjoyed playing Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos and it definitely deserves 9/10.