RetroNinja Games Studio Announced

June 5, 2020
RetroNinja Games Studio Announced

Industry veteran and Jerry Lawson Lifetime Achievement Award winner; Tony Barnes, designer of the iconic Strike Series and countless other influential titles, both retro and modern, announces a new game studio, RetroNinja.

RetroNinja has really been a long time coming,” says Barnes. “I grew up loving action / arcade / adventure games. Those are the types of games I enjoy playing and those are the types of games I enjoy making.

With one of his early successful titles, The Strike Series, he helped create one of the first open-ended, multi-directional shooters, a process that was refined through several successful sequels. Most recently, his work can be seen in the intensity of Medal of Honor 2010 and the rapid-fire carnage of Strider 2014.

I've been fortunate enough to work on and create dozens of exciting titles, but they've always been other people's properties. It's really time I make something that represents me, something that's laser-focused on giving players visceral action experiences, versus something watered down to appeal to the broadest market. Something that contains content that may be shied away from, with larger companies. It's very exciting to me.

The studio is already working on the first of several titles.