Retro-Inspired ‘Driven Out’ Available on Steam

June 24, 2019
Retro-Inspired ‘Driven Out’ Available on Steam

Indie Game Developer No Pest Productions announced the upcoming release of retro-inspired Driven Out, a tribute to the golden days of 16-bit gaming.

Driven Out, currently in development with a scheduled release this fall offers a trip down memory lane to a time when gameplay and replayability would make or break a game.

You play the role of a common farmer forced from the comforts of your home into a dangerous world in upheaval. Your task is to fight against fantastical creatures that are numerous and varied as you progress. Using clever tactics and wits you must learn the skills of a warrior and read the enemies behavior to prevail. Luckily, to aid you on your quest, you have discovered a magical device to clone yourself, should you perish. With this cool contraption in your possession you can place custom checkpoints at will; however, there is a drawback. The device is fragile and will break upon enemy attack. You must protect the checkpoints you place to succeed.

The pointed out key features are:

• Deliberate combat. Read the enemy and act accordingly.
• Beautiful retro-inspired graphics.
• Seamless world with no in-game interruptions.
• Checkpoint device.
• Skill-based combat. No loot or character progression.