Respawn Dev Says China Will Not Be Region Locked in an Attempt to Stop Cheaters

April 11, 2019
Respawn Dev Says China Will Not Be Region Locked in an Attempt to Stop Cheaters
Image source: The Daily Dot

In a Reddit post on the official Apex Legends subreddit, a developer of the game has confirmed that China will not be region locked. The dev stated that the studio is working on alternate ways to stop cheaters.

Most people know how big Apex Legends became since its release. You also might have heard that like many competitive online games, Apex too has its fair share of cheaters. The problem is unfortunately still prominent. So much so that there have been calls for Respawn Entertainment to region lock China, which is reportedly the most significant source of hackers. PUBG did the same thing not long ago for the same reason.

However, one of the devs confirmed on Reddit that this isn’t happening. Respawn dev Scriptacus said: “Very true, and fortunately we have more in the works. Some things take more time than others, but we're well aware that this will be a perpetual battle on multiple fronts for as long as Apex is played.”

He also stated that region locking China would not solve the issue on the Asian servers as the game isn’t even officially released there. These players are very likely using one or multiple VPNs in order to gain access to the game. This means region locking would be pointless since cheaters will continue to bypass the ban on their IP address.

Apex Legends players in Asia will unfortunately still encounter cheaters. Respawn gave no further comments on when more anti-cheat methods will be implemented.