Resident Evil 8 Leaks Suggest the Game Will Stay First-Person

January 29, 2020
Resident Evil 8 Leaks Suggest the Game Will Stay First-Person

According to new rumors, the still unannounced Resident Evil 8 will be sticking to first-person mode, and it might not even be called Resident Evil 8.

As reported on by Biohazardcast, the next Resident Evil will stay in first-person, which was was a huge change when Resident Evil 7 came out. Capcom is also aware that it’s unusual for Resident Evil to be in first-person, so the remake of Resident Evil 2 upgraded the isometric view to a third-person camera.

A very possible reason for this is because Capcom wants to differentiate the older games with what they plan on doing in the future. The remakes stay true to the franchise while the new ones allow them to experiment a bit and move away from the beaten path. Which makes sense considering the rumor is that the next game won’t be called Resident Evil 8 at all.

The rest of the report says the game will be set in snowy and mountainous terrain, possibly Europe. You start in a village and progress to a castle.

Ethan will be returning as a protagonist and Chris Redfield we'll be making a return too. When talking about enemies, there will be werewolf-like creatures, actual zombies, not Molded, and a female shadowy creature that will be following you through the game.

The report also claims that it’s been in development for a while now, but Capcom is already busy with other RE projects. Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resistance, the multiplayer portion of RE3, are both just around the corner, but it’s quite possible that RE8 will be the next game.

Capcom obviously didn’t comment on the rumors, so we will have to wait and see.