Remedy Happy to Be Working on CrossfireX with Microsoft

November 25, 2019
Remedy Happy to Be Working on CrossfireX with Microsoft

Remedy and Microsoft have history together and it’s not necessarily the best. They split 3 years ago, but Remedy is glad they get to work together again.

At X019 it was announced that Remedy is working with Smilegate on the singleplayer campaign for CrossfireX. Which is understandable due to the narrative focus Remedy is known for, but a bit unexpected considering that CrossfireX is an FPS, a genre the Remedy has no experience with.

Crossfire is one of the biggest multiplayer games in the world, and it’s completely justified if you never heard of it since most of the fanbase is in Asia.

Eurogamer had a chance to talk with some Remedy devs and asked them how they feel about working with Microsoft again.

Tuukka Taipalvesi (Executive Producer): "Yes. Yes we are [working with Microsoft]. But then again, how we started this was a developer-to-developer relationship with Smilegate. That's been the strand for us for the longest time. And then Smilegate branched out and partnered with Microsoft. We're extremely happy to be working with these guys again, because there's a lot of friends that we have on this side of the table."

Thomas Puha (Head of Communications): "A lot of the same people we worked with on Quantum Break are still there. For us it's like, we're working on the single-player content and the campaign. And then a lot of the other things are like, well, that's not really our concern, which is a nice place to be in."

In the three years since Microsoft and Remedy split ways, Microsoft took a different stance towards developers and it’s very noticeable. One can only hope that this could lead to a new Alan Wake game in the future.