Remedy Entertainment Confirmed Control’s Release Date Leak

March 22, 2019
Remedy Entertainment Confirmed Control’s Release Date Leak

Creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment, revealed their new game Control last year at E3 2018, and now we know the release date as well.

Control is a third-person shooter set in a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying supernatural phenomena. You play as Jesse Faden, the Bureau's newest Director, who has supernatural gifts and needs to explore the FBC's paranormal New York headquarters and defeat a deadly enemy known as the Hiss.

That is all we knew about the game, since Remedy kept all of us in the dark, until now. After GDC 2019 news that Control would be exclusive on Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store for PC, the release date was leaked by accident via Microsoft Store’s digital listing.

The listing showed August 27, 2019, as the release date, with pre-orders going live next week. This information was removed from the listing soon enough, but Remedy has since then confirmed this to be the official release date.

Control will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.