Red Barrels Teases New Game Set in Outlast Universe

November 1, 2019
Red Barrels Teases New Game Set in Outlast Universe

Red Barrels, the studio behind Outlast posted a cryptic photo on Twitter teasing a new game and a short caption, “Announcement coming soon”.

Halloween has passed, but there’s more horror to be had. Almost two years ago, Red Barrels made a post on Facebook detailing what is happening development wise.

Outlast 3 will come out at some point, but it isn’t the current game that is being developed and the new game is not a sequel to the previous games in any way. The still unannounced game will be set in the same universe though.

Very little information was given about it, just that it’s something that fans have been asking for and that it will be a “distinct experience”.

The picture itself doesn’t reveal a lot. It’s just two hands holding together vertically, of which one has an MK Ultra tag on the wrist.


There are speculations that it might be a VR game, but another interesting idea is that the game will explore the history of Mount Massive Asylum and that it will be set during the peak of MK Ultra experiments.