Recap of Prequels in Preparation for Metro Exodus

January 24, 2019
Recap of Prequels in Preparation for Metro Exodus
Image source: 4A Games Home page

As the release date for Metro Exodus is getting closer, we at GameBuz gaming news site decided to recap previous Metro games. I should mention that some spoilers might appear, so consider yourself warned!

Metro Exodus was initially supposed to make its debut in 2018 but was delayed until February 15, 2019. We will be visiting post-nuclear Russian wastelands after five years since the last video game in Metro series from 4A Games, and I cannot be more excited. Again, players will get to play as Artyom, and few of his comrades, roaming through what is left of Moscow all in search for a new home.


A nuclear apocalypse that left the world in ruins

Image Source: Metro 2033 4A Games

It was 2013 when the World War III started, and everyone involved took out their big guns. The outcome was the apocalypse. The surface of the Earth was devastated, and all that was left was deadly radiation and mutants.

The only survivors left have taken shelter in Moscow’s underground Metro system. They adapted with time to their surroundings, started to grow mushrooms and raise pigs, boil their water to clear out toxins, and used bullets for currency. A new society was created with stations acting as cities.

Metro 2033: Salvation underground, or is it?

Image Source: Metro 2033 4A Games

For 20 years since the nuclear war, people were trying to survive in the darkness of Metro tunnels. A new generation was raised underground without ever seeing the light of day. Among them, Artyom, who was born just before the war, never crossing the limitations of his station, had a huge task. He had to get to the center of Metro system and warn everyone of a new mutant threat that was forcing its way inside the Metro from above the ground.

Image Source: Metro 2033 4A Games

Fighting his way through tunnels, Artyom was facing not only mutants but Communist and Nazi soldiers that formed their own government and started fighting each other as well. The only way to destroy the big bad called the Dark Ones was to go above the ground and activate the missile beacon.

Image Source: Metro 2033 4A Games

Depending on moral points you accumulated, you have two possible endings. The canonical ending is for Artyom to activate the beacon and destroy the Dark Ones. The other ending gives you the option to decide if you’re going to destroy the missile beacon or just sit back and let the Dark Ones be destroyed. Either way, you come to realize the dark ones weren’t really that bad and only wanted peace.


Metro Last Light: The only hope in the flesh of the Dark One

Image Source: Metro Last Light 4A Games

Metro Last Light takes place one year after the canonical ending of Metro 2033. Khan, the wandering soldier, informs Artyom and Rangers that the single Dark One has survived, and he believes that the Dark One is the only hope for humanity’s future. But the Ranger leader Colonel Miller wants to kill the creature and sends Artyom to the surface to do the job accompanied by Miller’s daughter, Anna, the Rangers’ best sniper.  

Image Source: Metro Last Light 4A Games

Artyom succeeded to find the Dark One but it turned out to be just a child, and before he could kill him, he and Anna were captured by the Nazis and taken to different locations. While in captivity, Artyom meets Pavel, captured Communist soldier, and together they devise a plan to escape. But as soon as they reached Communist territory, Pavel, who turned out to be a high-ranking officer, captures Artyom to interrogate him.

Image Source: Metro Last Light 4A Games

Again, Artyom managed to escape, he found Anna and the Dark One, and decided not to kill it but instead to protect it. The two arrive at Polis, Metro’s central station, where a peace settlement is being held. The Dark One with its telepathic abilities finds out that Communist leader Moskvin is stalling while one of his generals, Korbut, is attacking the D6 military facility.

While Artyom and his comrades were standing up to Korbut’s army and were nearly defeated, they decided to detonate D6. As they were doing so, Korbut’s secret weapon, an armored train, breaks through the defenses and destroys the platform.

Image Source: Metro Last Light 4A Games

There are two endings in this game as well. The bad ending results in the deaths of both Ranger and Red army when Artyom activates D6’s self-destruct device to save the rest of the humanity. Anna is shown telling her and Artyom’s child about his father’s adventures. In the good ending, Artyom credits the Dark One child with being humanity’s “last light” of hope, after the child with other surviving Dark ones defeats Korbut’s army.

Either you played these two games before, and this will be just a quick reminder of what happened before Metro Exodus, or you didn’t and this will serve you like a nice introduction. Hopefully, Metro Exodus will continue to be a great gaming experience as its prequels, maybe even better.