Ready or Not - New AI SWAT Game's Alpha Access in August

March 12, 2019
Ready or Not - New AI SWAT Game's Alpha Access in August
Image source: Ready or Not official Facebook page

A new first-person shooter game, driven on the Artificial Intelligence, called 'Ready or Not' will be available for alpha access on August 2019. The full game's release date is planned for June of 2020.

What is 'Ready or Not'?

According to VOID Interactive, this is an AI game which places player in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with diffusing hostile situations in intense, closed environments.

"We aim to present an accurate and visceral depiction of a SWAT Entry Team as they attempt to save innocent lives and bring order to chaos.

Players will be able to command and coordinate your (AI) squad in an old-school single-player campaign, team up in a realistic cooperative mode with friends, or battle each other online in a series of PVP game-modes which pit the police against a rogue agency. These modes include VIP Escort, TDM, and CTH.

We plan to release this title for PC, and provided we see people enjoying our game, we’ll make the jump to a console release," the developer explained.

Players can pre-order the game on the official VOID Interactive website.