Re Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts III Now Available for PlayStation 4

January 24, 2020
Re Mind DLC for  Kingdom Hearts III Now Available for PlayStation 4

Re Mind DLC for the award-winning RPG, Kingdom Hearts III, is now available for digital download on the PlayStation 4. For Xbox One, it will be available on February 25.

In Re Mind, players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III can journey through a new playable episode with Sora as he experiences battles through his friends’ perspective and uncovers new truths along the way.

Players can also take on multiple powerful boss battles, including 13 boss battles in the Limitcut episode and a boss battle in the Secret Episode, experience the new Data Greeting mode, and try the slideshow features and a new “Premium Menu” mode that includes diverse difficulty settings and gameplay challenges.

Square Enix also teased details of all-new Kingdom Hearts content coming to mobile devices. An original story, centered around the mysterious Young Xehanort, is now in development. More information will be available on the official Twitter account.

You can get the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC package on PlayStation 4 for $29.99.

The Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind plus Concert Video package, which includes all Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind content as well as footage from the Kingdom Hearts – World of Tres – Orchestra concert recorded in Osaka, Japan on Nov. 30, 2019, is available for $39.99.