PUBG Season 7 Will See the Return of Vikendi Map with a New Look

April 15, 2020
PUBG Season 7 Will See the Return of Vikendi Map with a New Look

PUBG Corporation has announced the return of Vikendi map in PUBG Season 7 but with quite a few changes. Players can experience the new looks for Dinoland and the Cosmodrome areas, plus a nonstop railroad circuit for free as part of the 7.1 update.

The Survivor Pass: Cold Front premium upgrade rewards the hardiest players with limited-edition weapon skins, costumes, and more goodies that hint at Vikendi’s turbulent past with the Lindh family.

The train system running through Vikendi puts mobility in PUBG on the fast track to conflict. The opportunities for ambushes, quick escapes, trick shots, and more are endless as players learn the timing and angles of the train lines.

The Dinoland-themed passenger line and the heavy-duty cargo line each have different routes and unique engine/car configurations that will offer plenty of advantages and options for sharp players as Season 7 unfolds.

The story of Vikendi will take shape through Survivor Pass: Cold Front as players unlock bits of the Lindh family’s plans for the island. Horseback riding gear and battered mascot costumes cover both the Lindhs’ posh upbringing and the broken dreams that follow poor planning and naked ambition.

Dinoland was supposed to be the centerpiece of a vacation paradise that would sprawl all over the island, but dangerous family dynamics brought it all crashing down.

The next chapter in PUBG opens up April 21 on PC and April 28 on consoles with the 7.1 update. For those that want to experience the action right away, the PC Test Server is open.

For more details about the 7.1 update, you can read this post on the official website.