PUBG Is Getting a New Arcade Mode, 8v8 TDM

February 13, 2020
PUBG Is Getting a New Arcade Mode, 8v8 TDM

The upcoming 6.2 update is bringing a team deathmatch mode to PUBG. PUBG has a new arcade side to it focusing on new game modes, and what’s better than TDM.

The new TDM mode will focus on close quarter combat in 8v8 matches on seven different maps. The maps are part of the already, much larger, existing maps in PUBG, so you should feel comfortable with them right off the bat.

The new mode will be first-person only, and as all good arcade modes, there’s no friendly fire and you can respawn. There’s also regenerating health, but it depends on your kills and assists. You feel your Boost Gauge by getting kills and assists, and then you healed based on that after not taking damage for a few seconds.

You can pick from eight different loadouts, and you’ll probably be able to make your own later on. The matches are fast paced, first team to get 50 kills wins and they last 10 minutes. You will be able to earn BP playing TDM, but not Survivor Pass XP rewards.

PUBG is still first and foremost a Battle Royale game, but they do want to expand a bit with the Arcade branch.