PSN Store “Games of a Generation” Sale Is Live

October 2, 2019
PSN Store “Games of a Generation” Sale Is Live

It’s time for another PlayStation sale and this time around it’s the “Games of a Generation” sale, which is arguable considering some of the games on the list.

During the next two weeks over a hundred games are on sale on the PlayStation Store and the discounts going higher than 60% for some games.

The sales pitch is, “With titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition, we’re highlighting some of the most memorable games to date.”

Admittedly, those are some pretty big and memorable games, but there are quite a couple of games that are less memorable and will make you question the name of the sale.

Besides the PlayStation 4 games, there are also a few PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games on sale.

Some recommendations would be Black Ops 4, Diablo III Eternal Collection, and Shadow of The Tomb Raider all going for just under $20.

There’s also Until Dawn, Man of Medan, NBA LIVE 19: The One Edition, Mafia III Deluxe Edition, LittleBigPlanet 3, Just Cause 3 - XXL Edition, and Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition in the $15 and under category.