PROTOCORE - Fight Against an AI That Learns How You Play

August 7, 2019
PROTOCORE - Fight Against an AI That Learns How You Play

Imagine a 1-4 player co-op fast paced shooter where you have to face an adaptive artificial intelligence that is learning from your actions. That is exactly what IUMTEC is working on.

The studio was founded by two friends who enjoy making indie games on their own. Their dream was to gather experience and build a team in order to release a great first person shooter and as it seems, they are on the right track.

PROTOCORE, as described by the developers, is what happens when Doom meets Machine Learning.

Fight a merciless artificial intelligence in a gigantic spaceship by shooting your way through hordes of deadly robots. You have to think fast, because Protocore is playing you as much as you play it. It learns from your play style and adapts to it, change things up often to keep the AI on its toes.

Brutal enemies, daunting bosses, big guns, explosives, hacking and more, what else could you want from an FPS. If you fail, try again with a different approach.

Adaptive AI - Be smart, the AI controls difficulty by changing the rules according to your actions. Face deadly enemies with specific patterns that will require more than one attempt to overcome.

Speedrun - Surpass yourself and others by scoring the highest while the clock is ticking.

Solo & Co-op - Play with up to 3 friends.

Moddable - Create your own experience, Protocore has been developed with modding in mind.

 The developers will be at gamescom this year.