Project Genesis - New Updates in the ‘Babylon’ Test Build

October 29, 2019
Project Genesis - New Updates in the ‘Babylon’ Test Build

8 Circuit Studios went public with what the new test build of Project Genesis will bring, and by the number of updates and new features, they were very busy.

Project Genesis is a grand-scale deep space survival game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Combining intense FPS gameplay and space combat, Project Genesis has players piloting massive spacefaring machines of destruction and infiltrating their enemies’ ships in the pursuit of galactic domination.

The new test build, named Babylon, focuses on three things, community-based feedback, new features, and build-stability.

Based on the feedback, objectives have been made more clear. Many new players had issues with the previous system, mostly due to a bug that showed all of the objectives, including your opponents’ too. This bug has now been fixed and markers have been made more clear.

Besides the updated markers and range finding on them, you and your team will also receive visual and audio updates on the state of your enemies' objectives.

The other update focuses on maneuverability during combat. To help with that, a new “local warp” capability is being added to the ships. The new feature should help with making tactical decisions during combat and allow for faster reposition when responding to the current situation on the battlefield.


Talking about new features, there’s a new character, the Technomancer. On the more technical side of the new character, the development of the Technomancer should result in the faster addition of new characters moving forward.

The final new feature is the overhaul of the user interface of Project Genesis. The foundation is completed and it will be updated over time with the help of the community.

In case you’re interested in how Project Genesis came to be, or wish to find out more about the developers, why not read our interview with 8 Circuit Studios?