Project Genesis Coming to Steam with New Cinematic Trailer

June 4, 2019
Project Genesis Coming to Steam with New Cinematic Trailer

Project Genesis is joining the Steam community on Tuesday, June 4th with a brand new cinematic trailer showing how mankind re-discovered ancient technology.

The trailer will give a short a glimpse into the future of this science fiction game world. Besides the trailer, enthusiasts will be able to view the inaugural development stream on the Project Genesis Steam page from within a private playtest session at 2 pm PST. Developers will be present during the stream for an opportunity to answer questions in real time.

The initial stream is the beginning of broader transparency in developing Project Genesis by utilizing the Steam platform to create a community-driven development model. The community will play a crucial role in helping direct feature priorities and the team at 8 Circuit Studios will recognize players who help lay the groundwork for Project Genesis by awarding cosmetic badges that can be displayed on ships, inside player profiles and more.

Badges will be recognized for contribution across four pillars of the game and its community’s development:

Test Pilots: community members focused on identifying and resolving game bugs.

Ambassadors: community members that help engage on behalf of Project Genesis, answering questions and offering knowledgeable information across social platforms.

Pioneers: community members creating and sharing original content across social platforms.

Ace Pilots: community members who have deep gameplay expertise and are focused on competitive mechanics and play-balance.