Project Genesis Coming to Steam Early Access

March 20, 2020
Project Genesis Coming to Steam Early Access

Project Genesis, a team based space combat FPS genre mashup, will release on Steam Early Access on April 24th, 2020 at a starting price of $29.99. This is 8 Circuit Studios’ first title to release on Steam.

A novel, yet fun and frenetic take on space battles and FPS close quarter combat, Project Genesis was designed to fuse two compelling genres into one. Drawing inspiration from games like Dreadnought and Halo, Project Genesis lets players seamlessly transition from rich and otherworldly deep-space environments into visceral frenetic close quarter FPS battles aboard giant capital ships using an oddly gratifying “breach and board” game mechanic. Whether the player prefers to dogfight in a prototypical class of battle craft (ranging from nimble scouts to heavy hitting assault platforms), or to invade capital ships on daring infiltration assault missions, Project Genesis encourages friends to team up as they adopt and employ their favorite play style.

On March 20th, 2020 the team will also launch a pre-alpha playtesting opportunity to everyone on Steam, allowing players to team up and face off against each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Open access will be granted to those who sign up for an 8 Circuit Studios Project Genesis account on the game’s website. Once an account is established and verified, players will receive a Steam key to download Project Genesis. In conjunction with the open access Corvus build release, 8 Circuit Studios will be making available the first album of Project Genesis original soundtrack for free on the title’s Steam page.

For those who wish to take their gaming experience, or community involvement to the next level, Project Genesis is also accepting applications to their Pilot Program. The Pilot Program has several areas to participate in such as Test Pilots (who receive the most up to date development builds to bug hunt or provide critical feedback), Creators (who are interested in creating, broadcasting or streaming content), and Ambassadors (who participate in the moderation and social media conversations). All Pilot Program participants will be awarded exclusive badges that will be displayed on special locations in-game, website leaderboards, and in their online player profiles.

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