Pocket City - Build a Metropolis That Fits in Your Pocket

February 15, 2019
Pocket City - Build a Metropolis That Fits in Your Pocket
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I am proudly announcing that I have been appointed as the mayor of a small town. The good news is, you can become a mayor as well, and you can take your town with you everywhere you go as it’s always in your pocket. You just need to install Pocket City on your phone and begin the transformation of a small town into a metropolis.

Pocket City is an economic strategy game about city management developed by Codebrew Games. If you liked the classic SimCity, you should definitely give this game a try. Being the mayor consumed my time completely, I enjoyed it so much I even forgot to eat. So, before I get into the game specifics I’ll just give you one tip, prepare snacks, and lots of them.

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The gameplay is pretty simple, you just click around, but don’t take your role as a mayor too lightly. You have to manage color-coded residential, commercial, and industrial zones in an isometric view. They have to be well balanced in order for all the people to have job opportunities, and to attract more of them to move into your town.

More people bring more issues that need to be resolved. Throughout the game, you’ll get various quests to complete and improve your lovely little town. You need to think about power and water supplies and gradually get to the point where you’ll need police services, fire department, health care institutions, and food and natural resources.

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All of that needs to be connected with roads obviously, and you need to think about traffic congestion, so sometimes you can use basic roads and other times highways are a better option. You can also build railroads and bus stations to improve traffic safety.

Another thing you’ll need to build to make your people happy are schools, universities, and various parks, resorts, campgrounds and provide fun activities for them. Movie theaters, art galleries, Ferris wheel are just some of the examples of what your people might enjoy.

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Organize some events like parties on the block, fireworks or even rocket launch and zoom in on your people losing their minds. When you zoom enough and look down on your creation with pride in your eyes, you can spot some people fishing, doing yoga, or even gang members looking for new recruits.

As you progress, you expand your map, discover chests that sometimes give you special landmarks you can build. Not only do they look pretty, but they all have a role in boosting your experience, income, recreation, and Obelisk has a mysterious power to stop disasters faster.

Image source: Pocket City Apps on Google Play

What kind of disasters, you may ask? Well, yeah, you get to experience natural disasters in this game, from tornadoes that crush everything on their way and volcanoes burning your buildings to the ground to thunderstorms and earthquakes. They all start to panic, but the funny thing is (well, disturbing for some people, but I have a dark sense of humor) when you see little figures running around catching on fire.

I seriously didn’t expect much of a game that has city management as a main objective, but oh did I enjoy it. Pocket City is a perfect addition to your phone whenever you have some free time and want to feel empowered on your mayor position. It was a nice change for me, a subordinate at GameBuz, PC, Console, and Mobile games news site.

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