PlayStation Plus Isn’t Required for Death Stranding’s Multiplayer

September 26, 2019
PlayStation Plus Isn’t Required for Death Stranding’s Multiplayer

In Death Stranding, much like in Dark Souls, players will never really cross paths in the multiplayer, but they won’t need PlayStation Plus either.

Death Stranding will have an “asynchronous” multiplayer mode, meaning that players can in a way impact each other, but there is no PvP or Co-Op. Instead, you will be able to trade supplies, build structures and change terrain. The only time you will actually see another player is when you call someone for help and they come to share supplies with you.

All of this sounds like something that would be behind a paywall, but as the official box art for a limited edition PS4 Pro suggests, it’s not. If you head over to GAME UK and search for the Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 you will notice a sticker on the game box that says:

Paid for Playstation plus subscription required for online multiplayer sold separately. Death Stranding does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.


So, the multiplayer might not be something most people are used to (Realistically, is there anything about Death Stranding people are used to?), but at least you won’t need PlayStation Plus to take part in it when it launches on November 8.