PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2019

April 3, 2019
PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2019
Image source: PlayStation website

April is upon us guys, and that means new PS Plus games. Sadly, PS3 and PS Vita games are no longer a part of the package, but we still have two PS4 titles available. This month’s free games are The Surge and Conan Exiles, and they’re both available for download right now.

The Surge

The Surge is a Sci-Fi RPG heavily inspired by Dark Souls and it takes place in a dystopian future, in a world that has been ravaged by war and environmental diseases. Clones and robots make up the majority of the workforce, so the humans who are left must fight for survival with the help of exoskeletons intended to boost the wearer's physical abilities.

Conan Exiles

Then we have Conan Exiles, an online open-world survival adventure set in the universe of Conan the Barbarian. You play as a customizable character who has been rescued by Conan and must now explore the harsh Exiled Lands and try to survive. The game features all of that survival stuff like resource gathering, item crafting, and shelter building. Pretty much everything you’d expect from this type of game.

While this month’s selection is not as strong as last month’s both games are completely free so you should at least give them a try.