Playstation 5 - DualShock 5 and Backwards Compatibility

October 15, 2019
Playstation 5 - DualShock 5 and Backwards Compatibility

The news about the PlayStation 5 just aren’t stopping, the DualShock 5 is adapting to cloud gaming, and backwards compatibility will probably be a bit late.

So far, we know a lot of interesting things about the PlayStation 5, it will be packing an SSD, support ray-tracing, it will launch Holiday season 2020, the DualShock 5 (Name still not confirmed) will also be receiving haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Two new pieces of information are that the new gamepad will, like the Stadia controller, be able to connect to the internet. Since Sony is also working hard on cloud gaming, this is great news. Having the controller connect to the internet lowers the input lag.


Instead of having the controller send your input to the console, then your console sending it to the cloud and then the game responding to it, this way the input is being directly sent to the cloud. This is a sign that Sony is taking cloud gaming very seriously and that they want it to work as best as possible.

The other, unfortunate, piece of information is that the announced backwards compatibility might not be ready for the launch of the PlayStation 5. A Sony spokesperson reconfirmed that the PS5 will be backwards compatible, but… "the dev team is putting all power on verifying whether they can secure a complete compatibility. Please wait for more information."

There is a possibility that the PS5 will launch with only a select few games being compatible and more would be added later on. Also, their own store, with everything PlayStation up for sale, was recently announced. The new store also features a lot of great PS4 and PSVR games, so those may be the first games that will be available through backwards compatibility on the PS5.

Either way, it seems like Sony still isn’t quite sure how it will work. There is still a lot of time until the PlayStation 5 launches, so there is still time to get it ironed out.