PlayStation 5 Dev Kit and DualShock 5 Image Leaked

December 2, 2019
PlayStation 5 Dev Kit and DualShock 5 Image Leaked

We knew what the dev kit of the PlayStation 5 looks like, but this is the first time we see an actual image of it, and even the new DualShock 5 is there.

A Twitter user, Alcoholikaust, posted an image showing two PS5 dev kits side by side with the new DualShock on top of one of them.


Tom Warren of The Verge commented to confirm that that is indeed the PS5 dev kit which was previously leaked based on a patent, and even explained why it looks like that.

This is most probably not what the actual PlayStation 5 will look like (for example, the two unwieldy boxes in the back are PS4 dev kits), but it is interesting to see the brand new console even if it’s in a form that we will never get our hands on.

Besides the console, we can see what is probably new the DualShock 5 on it. There’s no way to confirm if it is or isn’t, but it looks a lot like the recent patent. If it is the new controller, it’s a very early build of it since not even the buttons are marked.

Even though what we see will have almost nothing to do with the console we will be using next year, it’s pretty cool to see a glimpse of it.