Players Reported That Thanos Snapped Red Dead Online

May 20, 2019
Players Reported That Thanos Snapped Red Dead Online

Due to a bug since patched, many players reported that Red Dead Online was short on NPCs huge piles of skinned horses were laying around and towns were empty.

It would seem that Thanos snapped and just emptied out Red Dead Online. The towns were empty, quest givers might or might not spawn, but the quests themselves were bugged and wouldn’t start.

Stagecoaches would sometimes spawn but they didn’t have any NPCs riding them. The only NPCs which consistently spawned were shop owners.

Making all of that creepier were the unexplainable piles of dead and skinned horses in Valentine.

What makes this funny is the fact that this was caused by a rather large patch that was supposed to improve the Red Dead Online experience and make gameplay more stable. It goes without saying that this is not what the patch accomplished.

Kudos to Rockstar for patching it quickly and allowing players to continue playing without getting traumatized and having to visit a psychiatrist after they put the controller down.