Playdate - a Very Unique Handheld Console by Panic

May 23, 2019
Playdate - a Very Unique Handheld Console by Panic

Panic, app and game developer, has announced a unique handheld console that features a hand crank. It will receive 12 games over three months, one every week.

It does sound really weird when you first hear about it, but it has potential as a niche console that will let indie game developers experiment with game mechanics.

Besides the crank, it also has a black-and-white screen, so considering that and the simplistic design, there is some a sense of nostalgia when you see it.

When it comes to the games, they will be released in “seasons”. The first seasons will include 12 games and last three months, one will be released each week. The exact line-up is being kept secret for the most part, the one known game is Crankin's Time Travel Adventure. Keita Takahashi and Bennett Foddy, creators of Katamari Damacy and Getting Over It respectively, are also mentioned, so their games might find their way on the Playdate.

The Playdate is expected to release in early 2020 with a $149 price tag and Panic said that supplies will be very limited. It’s definitely not a console for everyone, especially since you can get a Nintendo 2DS XL for the same price.