Plague Inc. to Add Anti-Vaxxers Due to Popular Demand

March 1, 2019
Plague Inc. to Add Anti-Vaxxers Due to Popular Demand

Two weeks ago, a petition was started urging Ndemic Creations to add anti-vaxxers to the game. The developers found the idea interesting and on Twitter agreed to add them in case the petition reaches 10.000 signatures.

 "Ok, fine! If this petition gets to 10k, will add a specific new anti-vaxxer scenario to Plague Inc."

The mark was reached and Ndemic quickly anounced on Twitter that they will be adding them in a future update.

"Alright, alright! You spoke, we listened. Neurie's very happy to hear that we're going to start figuring out anti-vaxxers soon. He's dying to try and get inside their heads."

The petition is currently sitting at 21.600 signatures and the only description is “Anti-vaxxers are stupid”. In case you are not familiar with the term, anti-vaxxers are people that refuse to vaccinate their children due to religious reasons or a misguided belief that vaccines cause autism.

This update will be a good way to raise awareness on the topic and is in line with the game. Plague Inc. already brings attention to a lot of potential health risks through its scenarios, so a new, very real, risk is welcome.