Physicality Games Announces Grand Opening

May 26, 2020
Physicality Games Announces Grand Opening

Newly established online video game retailer Physicality Games, in partnership with game publisher and developer Mastiff, today announced they have exited the soft launch phase of site operation and have officially entered the hard launch phase.

Physicality Games’ “Grand Opening” is bringing a large list of changes and new site features, based largely on feedback received from their customers and fans. Among the most radical and exciting changes: customers can now secure any game pre-order with a $5 deposit, view production status in detail via a new Product Status page, and new limited quantity caps have been placed on Deluxe Editions, adding to their collectability.

New Updates to Physicality Games:

$5 Pre-Order System: Recognizing that times are tough for all, fans can now pre-order any game (Standard or Deluxe Edition) from Physicality Games with a $5, up-front deposit to secure their game. All customers with existing pre-orders will be refunded their payments minus the $5 deposit, and then invoiced the difference between the deposit and full cost of the game when a ship date is announced.

Product Status Page: The Pre-Order Progress Bar has been removed in favor of a Product Status page that offers an unrivaled level of transparency and detail, listing quantities remaining, status on printed parts, ROM approval status, production sample images, and more.

Clear Pre-Order Dates: Game product pages now feature clearly-labeled pre-order close dates.

Limited Deluxe Editions: Deluxe Edition games will now be limited to 3,500 pieces on Nintendo Switch and 2,500 pieces on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

Collector’s Certificates: All Physicality Games’ titles will now include a Collector’s Certificate card, with Deluxe Edition certificates featuring individual numbering.

Community: Community profiles have new social sharing and order history features.

Charity: Featured charities have been refreshed and a 2x donation multiplier is in effect from May 26-31 as part of Physicality Games’ Grand Opening.