PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator - Make Your Own Pocket YouTuber

February 21, 2019
PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator - Make Your Own Pocket YouTuber
Image source: Outerminds Facebook Page

Are you a gamer? Are you perhaps nine years of age? Do you enjoy content of questionable originality? If the answer to all of these questions is yes then this is the game for you. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is exactly what it sounds like, a YouTuber simulator game.

Make your own little pocket YouTuber and go get that bread fam. And don’t fear demonetization, this game is from 2016 so the adpocalypse hasn’t happened yet. From pyramids to castles this game has it all and is still relevant, I swear. But how does this game work Marko? - I hear you ask. Well, I’m about to tell you so let’s just jump right into it guys.


So you’ll start off with a lame PC and a cardboard box as a table. You’ll have to build your channel and room from there. How do you do that? By making high quality, original content of course (unlike some people). At first, you’ll only be able to make one video at a time but as your channel grows you’ll be able to create more.

But I get ahead of myself, let me explain how it works. So you have your video menu where you guessed it, you make videos. When you press the make video button you’ll have a couple of preset choices. Every video has two topics that can’t be changed but you can title the video whatever you want. And I do mean whatever you want, you can even use the t-word (and I don’t mean T-Series).

Now, just like in the real world some topics will be more popular than others. Lucky for us we have a little trending bar where three popular topics show up. You’ll have to do videos on those topics if you want to grow your channel a bit faster. Videos on popular topics means more views and you use views as a currency to buy some weird stuff online perhaps (see what I did there?).

Jokes aside you do get to buy all sorts of things. Like I said, from pyramids to castles this game has it all. So why is buying all of this stuff important? Well, all items have a certain topic attached to them. For example, musical instruments will have a music topic, gaming equipment will have a gaming topic and so on. Every item you buy will boost a particular topic and that will boost the views for that topic.

You’re gonna have to wait a little while for your stuff to be delivered. If you don’t feel like waiting though you can always use BUX to speed things up a bit. These BUX are the premium in-game currency. You earn them by playing the game so they don’t have to be bought. You can also speed deliveries up by playing Puggle. It’s a little minigame where you throw Edgar and Maya and collect little orbs.

You’ll also be able to upgrade the topics I mentioned earlier in your skill tree. You do this by spending brains or brain points, I don’t know what to call them. They’re received by leveling up and you level up by completing Epic Quest. Now that’s epic guys.

The only bad thing I can say about this game is that the progression is a bit slow. It’ll take you some time to grow your channel and set up your room the way you want. Luckily, we’ll have the help of our old friend. A mighty beast that some may have forgotten about. I'm talking about Sponsor Eagle, of course (I haven’t heard that name in years, damn) who will drop off views or subs from time to time. I'm also disappointed by the lack of mainstream media trying to paint me as a nazi. It takes away from the realism of the game.


Overall this game is pretty good. It’s a great time killer and the pixel art style looks great. The game will offer you ads but they will have an incentive which is the best type of ads. Thank you, Felix, very cool. It's out on both Android and iOS.

Of course, don’t forget to subscribe to PewDiePie and smack that bell-button too. We must help our Lord and savior defeat T-Series once and for all. And as always, for more reviews and other gaming related things stay with your favorite pc, console and mobile games news site - GameBuz.