Pawarumi Arriving on July 24th on Switch and Xbox

July 10, 2019
Pawarumi Arriving on July 24th on Switch and Xbox

Manufacture 43, a French Indie developer, is delighted to present the release trailer and more detailed information for Pawarumi, the intense, challenging and fast-paced shooter, that will be arriving on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox on July 24th, 2019. Pawarumi is available to pre-purchase from the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store.

The background story is quite dark. It's about how Axo - you - the pilot of Chukaru, destroyed every Earth defense while being controlled by an alien entity. The first four levels of the game are actually flashbacks, the last level is your revenge!

Keep it 'Simple' equals an unsurpassed challenge

Pawarumi, best described as Rock-Paper-Scissors with lasers, is a shoot'em up set in a futuristic, yet pre-Columbian, inspired universe. The sense of accomplishment in reaching the best ending for the game is just a fraction of what is presented, all of which is set in a 3D world with stunning music and sound to heighten the atmospherics.

The player has only one life in the game, and your shield will reduce strength by a third every time you are hit. Pawarumi features a powerful mechanic called the Trinity. The three basic weapons are controlled by colored divinities - Condor (laser) is blue, Serpent (Gatling gun) is green, and Jaguar (missiles) is red. Enemies you face are powered by the same divinities, and by targeting with the same as them, or different color, you trigger one of the three bonuses of the Trinity - Boost, Drain or Crush. But be warned, there are both positive and negative consequences.

Choose wisely!

Shooting with a weapon of a different color than the enemy will either Drain or Crush. Drain transform enemies' pain into energy that charges Super Attack. Crush multiplies the damage you deal to enemies by a factor of 1.5.


No Frills equals more spills!

Daniel Borges, Manufacture 43, said: "There are no boosts, ammo, extras or anything. We kept what's essential in a shoot 'em up - shooting, dodging, blowing stuff up - and added our own "trinity" mechanic instead. This very simple directive really works, resulting in hand-eye blasting coordination of the highest level!"

"The Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi includes a very special feature, the Joyful Ship! With this enabled, the game actually recognizes what color Joy-Con is connected to the console and colors the players' ship accordingly - we've seen some unique and amazing color combinations!"


Features both unique and standard:

•Three difficulty settings, each with its own alternate storyline.
The difficulty curve is designed so that a player that beats the game in easy mode gets ready to play in normal mode and then in hard mode.
•The three weapons of the player are red, green and blue and are tied and linked, to enemy factions and divinities: jaguar, serpent and condor.
•Cool eye-candy special effects.
•The Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi has a unique ship, the Joyful, that adopts the colors of your Joy-Con!