PAKO Forever - A Bigger and Better Version of The Original

February 28, 2019
PAKO Forever - A Bigger and Better Version of The Original
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I’ve covered the original PAKO and PAKO 2 after that. So naturally, the next logical step would be to do a review on the third installment. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna be doing today. With each new title, Tree Men Games keeps changing the formula just a bit, keeping the game familiar yet fresh at the same time.

PAKO Forever takes the idea of the original PAKO and expands on it greatly but falls a little (just a tiny bit) flat. With similar maps and the same type of gameplay with the addition of power-ups and some other things that I’ll discuss, it’s definitely fun but lacks just a bit of variety. But let’s go a bit deeper so you guys can see what I mean.

The Gameplay

Okay, so think of PAKO Forever as the upgraded version of the original game. The controls remain the same as in the first two games. But just in case you haven’t played the last two titles I'm gonna explain anyway. It’s pretty simple, you tap the right side of the screen to go right and the left side to go left.

You can also double-tap anywhere on the screen to activate the various power-ups you collect throughout your runs. The power-ups are really cool, ridiculous, and over the top. From UFO’s to a damn wrecking ball tied to the back end of your car they’re just super fun to use.

The objective also remains the same as in the original PAKO. Drive around the map avoiding the cops and surviving as long as possible. This time around though, the maps are huge, and when I say huge I mean endless. That’s right boys and girls, the levels are procedurally generated so you can drive around to your heart’s content. There are also secret areas to find with some wacky stuff, for example, giant monsters.

Now, we’re all familiar with the top-down view, it’s kind of a staple of the series. That’s still there, but we don’t have an option to go to a third-person perspective like it the previous games. However, Tree Men Games has a history of adding features after the release so we may see the chase cam as it’s called sometime in the future. A little side note, PAKO Forever can be played in both vertically and horizontally which wasn’t the case with previous entries.

The problem with PAKO Forever is the lack of a variety of levels. As of right now, there are only six different levels, two of which are basically the same. The Winter level is just the Mall level only with snow. But as I said before, Tree Men Games have a history of adding stuff into their games after the release. The developers already added three new maps and ten new cars, and I’m sure we can expect more content in the future. I should also mention that the game has microtransactions but everything in the game can be earned by playing so you dont have to spend real money.


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It’s no secret how much we love the PAKO series here at GameBuz. It’s definitely one of my personal favorite arcade racer/chaser games, and PAKO Forever is no different. It’s a great game and I recommend you pick it up on either Android or iOS and try it out for yourselves, you certainly won’t regret it. And as always people, for more mobile game news, reviews, and other goodies stay tuned to your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.