PAKO 2 - An Amazing Sequel to the Car Chase Simulator

February 18, 2019
PAKO 2 - An Amazing Sequel to the Car Chase Simulator
Image source: Tree Men Games Facebook page

We’ve played the original PAKO here at the office and if you’ve read our review you know that we love it. So naturally, we wanted to see what PAKO 2 is all about. The people at Tree Men Games have outdone themselves, building upon what the original established and delivering an even better arcade racer/chaser.

With the same low poly art style, and with the addition of some pixel art and a VHS filter on top of it all PAKO 2 looks absolutely gorgeous. It outshines the original in every way and is a prime example of how a sequel should be done. So let’s take a look at what exactly makes PAKO 2 such a great game.


In the original PAKO, your goal was to drift around different levels and avoid the cops. This time around it’s a bit more complicated and way more fun than that. In PAKO 2 you’ll be stepping into the shoes of a getaway driver. Your task will be to drive around a huge map, pick up crews from their heists and drop them off at a safe location while avoiding the cops.

The top-down view from the original is still here. You’ll still be able to change the camera to a third-person perspective but at a price. For some reason, you unlock the third-person cam only after you have made an in-game purchase. That doesn’t mean you have to spend real money though so that’s nice.

The controls remain the same as in the original with one addition. You tap the right side of the screen to turn right and the left side of the screen to turn left. The addition is a turbo button which is located in the lower middle of the screen. You’ll get a speed boost for a short duration when you activate it.

Another addition to this one is car health. You don’t die in one hit as you did in the original game. Here, every car has a different amount of health points. And while we’re on the subject of cars we have an insane amount of car variety.

There are so many different vehicles to choose from so there’s definitely something for everyone. Another new thing is the gunman who accompanies you at all times. Every vehicle has a different gun so experiment with them and see which one suits you best.

Of course, we have a ton of maps as well. There’s a lot of variety and the maps are huge. The maps in the original game are tiny compared to these ones. There are small towns, bridges, stunt jumps, these maps are no joke.

And let’s not forget our arch nemesis, the police. They are more aggressive this time and there’s more of them. They’ll even set up roadblocks to try to stop you from reaching your goal. As you complete each getaway they’ll start increasing in numbers. At some point, you’ll even get pursued by a police helicopter.

Now as I said, this game is a prime example of what a sequel is supposed to be. However, I do have one tiny little issue with the game and that’s progression. Namely, It’s pretty slow and it can take some time to grind enough money for things. Some vehicles can be pretty expensive and other stages need to be purchased as well.


Overall though PAKO 2 is an insanely good game. Another thing worth mentioning is that the soundtrack is brilliant with an awesome retro electronic sound (kind of reminds me of Hotline Miami). Although the progression is a bit slow there’s plenty of action to keep you entertained while you grind cash. It's out on both Android and iOS.

It’s super fun and you should definitely get your hands on it and play it, I can’t recommend it enough. And as always guys for more mobile game news, reviews, and other mobile game goodness stay tuned to GameBuz.