Our Top Picks For The Best Free Mobile Games of January 2019

February 9, 2019
Our Top Picks For The Best Free Mobile Games of January 2019

January of 2019 is over and we’ve had some pretty good, new titles. So we here at GameBuz have decided to list some of our favorite free mobile games that came out this January. Now, these games won’t be ranked or listed in any particular order. Just a list of games that we think you folks would enjoy. So without further delay here are our top picks.


Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting

If you used to play browser games way back in the day you might recognize the developer of this little gem. Nitrome is a London based indie developer that made a game called Final Ninja and it was actually amazing.

Nano Gold is their latest title and it’s a pixelated puzzle/golf game. Well, actually it’s mini golf but with a lot of obstacles like spikes and treadmill zones that can either boost you forward or set you back. It’s an entertaining little game.

The controls are super simple. You play with just one finger by just tapping and swiping. You pull your finger back to adjust the power and release to set that sucker flying. As in any type of gold, the goal is the get the ball in the hole with as little strokes as possible. The game looks amazing and it has a really nice soundtrack, you should definitely give it a try. It’s out on both Android and iOS.


Hit The Light

Coincidentally this one has a similar gameplay mechanic to Nano Gold. Hit The Light is a...neon light smashing/kinda puzzle game? I have no idea how else to describe it honestly. It was developed by Happymagenta UAB. These guys made a Ugandan Knuckles game, too bad the meme is dead.

So the name of the game is pretty clear. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you smash neon lights with a variety of tools (metal balls, shuriken and so on). As I said it has a similar gameplay mechanic, actually the exact same. Except here you’re aiming for pretty neon lights that form an image.

The game looks really good and it’s really satisfying to hear that little noise every time the lights turn on, at the beginning of every level. And breaking every single light to clear the stage is even more satisfying. You can pick up Hit The Light on both Android and iOS.


Hang Line: Mountain Climber

Do you like huge mountains? Do you like grappling hooks? Well, this might be just the game for you. Hang Line is a...swingy, platformer, puzzler? I’m really bad with descriptions today. But anyway, you play as a mountain rescuer and your task is to save the people stuck on the mountain for various reasons.

The game has polygonal graphics but it still manages to look great. I personally really like the art direction in this one. The rescue scenarios are pretty ridiculous and the game has a lot of charm. For example, one of the stages is rescuing a filming crew because their movie shoot went wrong.

The game is physics based which is awesome. It’s one of those easy to pick up hard to master type of things. There is a lot of variety in the levels and a lot of cool obstacles for you to swing your way around. It’s a fun little game and you should try it out. Hang Line is out on both Android and iOS.


Kaiju Rush

From the developer, Lucky Cat Studios comes a cute little city wrecking game. You will be taking control of a kaiju, a huge, terrifying creature (they’re actually cute in this game). Your goal is to create as much mayhem as possible while trying to cover as much ground as possible.

The game has a gorgeous pixel art style and it kinda reminds me of Pokemon for some reason. The controls are super simple. You just tap to launch your kaiju and then keep tapping to bounce and wreck as much of the city as you can.

There are a lot of playable characters to unlock but you have to collect the egg first. It takes some time to hatch but you can use diamonds to hatch them instantly. The game even features popular characters such as a damned titan from Attack on Titan. Kaiju Rush is out on both Android and iOS.



This is one is my personal favorite out of all of these. Although the name is kind of cringey (it’s like I named it) the game itself is pretty damn...well, cool. Tacticool is a squad-based multiplayer shooter in which you take part in 5v5 deathmatches.

Now this one is a little different than most mobile shooters. It has a top-down perspective and you shoot automatically. The gameplay mechanics surprisingly have a lot of depth. Again, I feel like it’s a easy to pick up hard to master type of deal.

There’s only one game mode, however, but there’s some variety to the maps and a lot of customization options. It’s a fun competitive shooter but it gets a little repetitive in long play sessions. It is worth a try regardless and will certainly keep you entertained for some time. Tacticool is out on both Android and iOS.


So those are our top picks for the month of January. And as always guys, for more mobile game news, reviews and much, much more stick with your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.