Our Favorite Mobile Free to Play Games Out Right Now

February 1, 2019
Our Favorite Mobile Free to Play Games Out Right Now

There are a lot of free mobile games out there, some good, some bad. With thousands upon thousands of games available, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot to choose from so we here at GameBuz decided to help you out a bit. We are a mobile games news site after all.

So here we have a list of our personal favorites. These games will not be ranked in any particular order. It’s just a list of games that we enjoy playing. So without further delay here are some of our favorites.

PUBG Mobile

Image source: PUBG Mobile official Facebook page

Hey look, this one made it on yet another list of ours. PUBG Mobile is the core PUBG experience that you get on other platforms but in a smaller package. With great controls, a fully customizable button layout, amazing graphics, and tense gameplay, you really can’t go wrong with this game.

As I said it’s the core PUBG experience but for mobile devices. You and ninety-nine other players skydive down to an island, pick up anything and everything useful, and duke it out inside an ever-shrinking circle. The maps are all the same but you will have to download them separately (except the default map).

All the modes are present as well. You can play solo, with one more friend, or as a squad of four. Whatever your playstyle there’s something for everyone. The game also offers three graphic qualities so you can run it on older devices. It’s out on both Android and iOS.


The super popular card game but it fits in your pocket. What’s there to say about Hearthstone, everyone and their grandma knows what this game is (yeah, I use that phrase a lot). Build your deck from a plethora of cards and fight your opponents until one of you runs out of HP.

The whole game features characters from the WoW universe so if you’re a fan of that you should pick this game up right now. There’s a bunch of different classes to choose from and every class offers unique class cards and playstyles.

And with a bunch of game modes, there’s a lot of variety. Participate in casual matches while having your morning coffee, climb the ranked ladder, battle AI opponents and hone your skills, there’s something for everyone. Hearthstone is out on both Android and iOS

Crossy Road

Image source: Google Play store

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well to get the highest score and to collect coins according to this game. Crossy Road is a modern spin on the classic Frogger game. You start out as a chicken (hence the joke at the beginning) that...well crosses roads. You’ll be avoiding traffic while trying to collect as many coins as possible and raise your high score.

Like I said you’ll be starting out as a chicken but there are plenty of other characters to choose from. Grow your roster of characters and try out each one. It’s not just an avatar change, playing a different character will also change the environment. Each and every one has something unique about them. Crossy Road is out on both Android and iOS.

Blades of Brim

The kingdom of Brim is under attack by the Goons and you are the only one who can save it. From the creators of Subway Surfers comes yet another endless runner game. However, this one is a little bit different.

Usually, you would be avoiding obstacles in this type of game and you do here as well. But, you’ll also be hacking and slashing through hordes of Goons with your blade. You’ll be familiar with the mechanics of the game but there are some slight twists.

You have your regular movement controls, swiping left, right, up, and down. The new edition is that you’ll be able to wall-run and sometimes jump from there to a higher platform. And since you have a sword you’ll have to learn the combat mechanics but they’re super simple and tutorial will teach you the basics. Blades of Brim is out on both Android and iOS.

Super Fowlst

Yet another game featuring a chicken on this list. Super Fowlst is one of the best mobile games out right now. It’s a procedurally generated Flappy Bird/bullet hell/metroidvania type of game. Yes, I know that sounds really weird but it’s actually really good.

The controls are pretty simple, you tap the right and left side of the screen to flap (almost exactly like Flappy Bird), and you swipe up to use your special attack. The special attacks have to be collected before use though and there’s quite a lot of them.

Some areas that you’ll be going through have secrets so make sure to hit the walls for some extra coin. The game has different characters to try out, upgrades, and even boss battles. Overall this game is such a joy to play and is a great addition to your game library. It’s out on both Android and iOS.